5 Facts you must know about the Germany Job Seeker Visa

German Job Seeker Visa - Facts & Prospects

Germany is one of the most popular countries in Europe. With thriving economy, it is a backbone of European Union (EU). Millions of skilled professionals dreams of working in here every year all thanks to the demand of qualified skilled professionals especially in the field of IT, Engineering, Medical, Mathematics, Science etc.

As per the reports, Germany has the largest share of migrants, thus it has emerged as winner among its counterpart countries. With the fifth largest economy in the world, there is no limit to job opportunities for foreign trained skilled workers. In recent years the gap between demand and supply of skilled workers has increased intensively.

There are number of reasons why skilled workers want to live and work in Germany. High standard of living, quality lifestyle and excellent job opportunities are just some of the many reasons.

Unfortunately, obtaining job and job visa is not an easy task in-fact it is quite challenging. If you are excited to apply for the German Job Seeker Visa, then you must prepare yourself for the long tedious journey ahead especially if you plan to go ahead without the help of an immigration expert.

What is a German Job Seeker Visa?

Introduced, in August 2012 with the aim to reduce the gap between demand and supply of qualified skilled workers. It is a short term visa given to skilled workers to search for a suitable job in Germany.

Only non EU residents are given the visa if the vacant position cannot be filled by the EU citizens or if the applicant in question is exceptionally qualified and experienced. The visa allows you to live in the country for upto the period of six months and search for the right opportunity. During this period you cannot work. Once you have found a job the same can be converted into work visa.

5 Facts you must know about the Germany Job Seeker Visa

If you are keen to work in Germany, then have a quick look on the five important facts about the temporary permit:-

  • It is a non work visa, which means with a job seeker visa, you cannot work in Germany, you can only look for an opportunity and apply to get selected. It is issued for a fixed period of six months.
  • To get a job seeker visa is itself a daunting task, to apply neatly fill the visa application form, collect all the required documents and book a visa appointment.
  • The German Job Seeker visa is no guarantee that you will 100% get a job in the country. If you fail to find a suitable employer, you will have to return to your home country before your visa expires.
  • Once you have get a job offer, you can apply for a long term residence permit i.e. EU Blue Card or employment residence visa.
  • To be eligible to apply education qualification is basic requirement. You must at least hold a bachelors or masters degree from German university or an equivalent foreign degree that must be assessed by authorized authority such as ZAB. Additional five years work experience in relevant field is also a major requirement.  

The biggest advantage of the German job Seeker Visa is that since you are in the country for upto six months, you get enough time to search for ideal employer and adjust in the new culture and polish you language skills mainly German. This help you take the decision if you will like to stay in here permanently.

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