5 Steps to migrate with a Canada PR visa in 2020

Are you planning to migrate to Canada in 2020? Well, to immigrate to Canada, you are required to understand about Canada immigration and know the important requirements so that it eases you in obtaining your Canada PR visa in 2020.

Canada Immigration Consultants: Canada is one of the top destinations for many skilled professionals for decades. Yearly, thousands of skilled professionals across the world migrate to Canada to fulfil their career dreams and settle as permanent residents for Canada. In order to obtain a PR Visa, it is essential for you to meet the requirements as set by the Canadian immigration government. Every step in the application has huge importance. Also, any mistake or error made in the process can adversely affect your application. Hence, it is vital to be careful while applying for Canada PR Visa because each step can make a huge difference to your application.

However, to make your application easier, here are the five steps which you need to follow while applying for Canada’s permanent resident visa in 2020.

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What are the steps to migrate to Canada in 2020? Tips from the top Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad

Canada is well-known as an immigrant-friendly nation, it is mainly because of the opportunities the country provides for an immigrant to live, work, and settle in the nation. To obtain a permanent residency in the country, skilled professionals are required to meet the required eligibility requirements as set by the nation.

Express Entry is Canada’s popular immigration system, which was launched in 2015. It is an electronic platform and mandates the interested candidates to score at least 67 points on the point’s grid for eligibility. The score is calculated upon five important factors such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability. Once you prove your eligibility by meeting the eligibility requirements, you should follow a five-step process for Canada Permanent Residency.

5 Steps for Immigration to Canada

Step 1:  The first step includes your document preparation. In the process of Canada immigration, there are a range of documents that you need to provide; among which Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) and IELTS for language proficiency are much important.

Step 2: The next step includes your online profile on Express Entry. You are required to create an online profile in Express Entry by entering your age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. Every detail which you enter adds value for your profile score, hence, be sure with every detail. Once, the profile is created, your application will be placed in Express Entry Pool. Here, your application has to get selected for obtaining an ITA or invitation to apply.

Step 3: IRCC conducts Express Entry draws with a predefined CRS score. The profiles meeting the predefined score are fortunate to obtain an ITA for Canada PR. After the ITA is obtained, it is mandatory to provide the application with the required documents within 60 days. 

Step 4: As mentioned, within the set timeframe of 60 days, submission of the Canada PR application has to be completed with the needful documents such as character certificate, health certificate, etc. It is crucial and essential to provide each and every document as required for the visa application.

Step 5: This is the ultimate step for obtaining your Visa Approval. The documents which you have provided with your visa application will be verified by a visa officer. Also, you may be asked for facing an interview to validate your purpose of visit. Based on the details you provide, the visa officer validates and grants your visa application for Canada Permanent Residence.

Will I be eligible for Canada PR?

The immigration system of Canada is one of the easiest and best in the world. However, though the procedures seem to be easier, it requires a lot of documents and eligibility requirements. Any error in the application or mistake in document submission can easily make the complete application to seek hurdles. Also, since it is a points system, validating the eligibility is not that simple. Hence, to avoid all such complex errors, it is evident to opt for an immigration consultant.

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