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Australia Immigration - Process & Deails

Novel Cornavirus has killed the dreams of hundreds and thousands of immigrants who were keen to apply for Australia Permanent Resident Visa this year. The Australian government has imposed restrictions on the movement of people but that does not mean that you cannot apply for the country’s much desired PR visa.

Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has introduced number of changes to its points based category and its various visa categories in the last few months it will have a direct impact on its immigrants.

There is some relief for the immigrants since the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has made an announcement recently. Even though DHA has imposed a ban on travel yet the department has appeal visa applicants not to panic. According to the reports slowly and steadily the immigration system is coming back on track.

Certainly, Coronavirus has impacted the immigration intake to Oz. Experts believe that the reduction will have a crippling effect on the country’s economic recovery.

Prime Minister “Scott Morrison” has stated that the government is expected to see 30 percent decrease in net financial year in 2020 as a result the country will experience the lowest population increase in more than 40 years.

Planning to apply for Australia permanent resident visa this year

You will have to wait a little while before you can apply for the country’s precious permanent resident visa. Migration is important for the present and future economic and social development of the country. The migration program is planned annually with set ceiling of four years. The permanent migration program consists of four important streams:-

  • Skill stream enhance the productive capacity of the country’s economy and reduce skills shortage in the local labor market focusing on regional areas
  • Family stream allows country’s citizens and permanent residents to re-unite with their loved ones including spouse/partner and dependents.
  • Special Eligibility stream provides PR visa for those who are in special circumstances that are not included in any other stream.
  • Child category allows parents to sponsor their child outside Oz to come to country and live with them.

Abolishment of the Subclass 489 and Subclass 187 visas

Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has replaced the Subclass 489 and Subclass 187 visas. With two visas Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) and Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional visa (subclass 494). The aim is to encourage skilled migrants to settle in regional areas and consequently help to boost the economy in these areas.




The key features are as follow:-

  • Visa application will be fast processed
  • Without undergoing second nomination visa holders will become eligible for Australian permanent residency
  • Subclass 491 visa application gets an access to score more points
  • As compared to non regional pathways, regional pathways will have a wide range of occupations to choose from
  • Time required to live and work on Oz has been increased to three years from the earlier two years
  • Validity of the visa has been extended to five years .

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