All you need to know about Germany job seeker visa

German Job Seeker Visa Process & Deails

For the time being due to Novel Coronavirus, Germany has imposed travel restriction from outside Schengen areas. If you have dreamed all your life to apply for Germany Job Seeker visa no need to worry it might take some time before things settle down. Meanwhile you can keep yourself informed and apply when the time is right.

Germany has always attracted a large number of skilled professionals from every corner of the world. Getting a job seeker visa can certainly fast track your path of success. It is one of the most powerful countries in Europe with endless job opportunities, its job market is highly rewarding thus it is an ideal destination for skilled workers.

Chairman of the Bertelsmann Foundation “Jörg Dräger” has stated “Migration is a key to a successful future – Germany needs skilled workers – also from regions outside Europe.”

A study conducted by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), has stated Germany will have an annual immigration requirement of approximately 260,000 new immigrants every year which means the country will have almost something or the other for everyone.

Who needs to apply for a Germany Job Seeker Visa?

If you are keen to live and work in Germany, you can apply for Germany job seeker visa. It allows you to stay in the country for upto six months and search for a job based on your qualification and experience.

Obtaining a job seeker visa is a daunting task, you will have to proof your eligibility and fulfill other requirement.

What are the advantages of Germany Job Seeker Visa?

The biggest advantage is easy access to German Job Market. Here, employment rate is low and opportunities are endless. You can easily search for a suitable job. Job Seeker Visa is a temporary resident permit that allows you to live in the country for upto six months.

For the right candidate the duration is more than enough to look for the right opportunity. But remember, you cannot work with a job seeker visa it’s a criminal offence subject to legal action.

During the given period if you have secured a job the same can easily be converted into a work visa on the other hand if you fail to find the right opportunity you will have to go back to your country.

What is the eligibility criterion for Germany Job Seeker Visa?

The applicant will have to meet the following eligibility criterion:-

  • Have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from a university in Germany or an equivalent overseas degree.
  • Possess a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the relevant field
  • Must be able to submit adequate proof of funds covering your stay during the time period that you would be living in Germany.
  • Have travel or medical insurance that covers your stay in Germany, or else cover your expenses till the time you get your work permit if you successfully secure a job for yourself.

What are the documents required to apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa?

According to German embassy in India applicants are require to submit following documents:-

  • Valid passport with a validity of atleast one year from the date you schedule to return from Germany
  • 3 latest passport six photograph with required biometric specifications
  • Detail curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Cover letter stating why you want to come to Germany and intend course of time period to find job in the country, duration of your stay and your future plan if you find a job.
  • Proof of your qualification and work experience. You need to get your degree assessed by the relevant assessing authority such as ANABIN
  • Accommodation proof weather you will be staying with a family or a friend, you will have to submit a formal obligation letter
  • Proof of medical insurance and financial means stating you have enough funds to cover your stay in country or else submit a obligation letter provided by your sponsor already living in Germany
  • Visa processing fee

Proof of your personal attachment with your native country

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