Australia’s New Points System – What’s New in 2020

Latest updates 2020 - Points System for Australia

Australia has fast become one of the key immigration destinations in the world. To cater to the growing demand of immigrants Oz runs excellent point based immigration system call “SkillSelect” or Australia Skilled Migration Points system, to pick the finest skilled immigrants, to fuel the country’s thriving economy.

Australia is on your mind? You are think of migrating to Oz in 2020. If yes, then you might be wondering how many points are required for Australia PR visa under its points based system.

What are the available options under the point’s based system?
Australian labor government done away with the old policy of selecting immigrants on the basis of ethics and races, and decided that the immigrants should be selected on the basis of their various attributes to contribute towards the development of national economy and social structure.

Thus, the point based system was introduced in 1989. Since then, the system has under gone number of changes. Under the same, there are three broad categories Skilled Independent Visa 189 subclass, Skilled State Nominated visa 190 subclass and Skilled Regional Provisional visa 489 subclass.

To qualify applicants are required to score at least 65 points. This number is a minimum threshold. Due to high caliber of potential applicants and cut and throat competition Department of Home Affairs (DHA) give priority to applicants who score between 85 to 90 points based on various factors such as age, language, experience, job offer, nomination from state or territory etc.

Australia’s New Points System in 2020
If you are seriously thinking of Australia immigration then you must familiarize with the changes introduced for the ongoing year. According to the new changes, the required points remain unchanged once your occupation is being verified on Skilled Occupation List (SoL).

This year could also be promising for international students, they can take advantage of the extra points awarded for:
     • 10 points : being single/unmarried
     • 10 points: positive skill assessment, competency in English and below 45 years
     • 5 points: with spouse or de factor, competency in English
     • 10 points: for Australian masters degree or doctorate with at least two years academic experience in the field of Science, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering or specified Information and communication Technology (ICT).

New Visas
Through recent changes Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has focused more on regional areas. Maximum numbers have been given to state /territory nominated and employer sponsored visa categories, which include keeping a-side 25,000 dedicated seats for regional Down Under.

With a pathway to apply for the Australian Permanent Resident Visa, two new visas have been introduced i.e. subclass visa 491 skilled work regional (provisional) and subclass visa 492 skilled employer-sponsored regional.
The main aim is to attract more skill migrants to fill skill shortage in various Australian regional areas. Further, to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 32 occupations have been flagged for amendment to their respective status. Whereas, 11 occupations have been identified for removal and six occupations have been flagged for salary increment.

These changes have been implemented only after deep and thoughtful analysis that is focused on ensuring locals have first access to open opportunities. Immigration laws are ever changing. The decision to amend occupation list depends on number of factors including country’s fast ageing population and number of local graduates looking for job and in-demand occupations.

There is no guarantee that a certain occupation will remain on the list forever. Some occupations that were removed earlier may appear again once the need occur. In any way, the removal of the occupation from the skill list will not affect those who already posses a skilled visa.

From time to time immigration laws changes. Regardless of new changes there is time for us to get started with our Australia PR visa. Act fast, you are still eligible for the active point based system.

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