Canada emerges as the top notch overseas destination for international students

Education in Canada - Various factors for Students

A large number of international students continue to flock to the Maple Leaf Country for higher education. While admission to Canadian universities require excellent academic record, if you want to pursue academic, professional or vocational training at a university or college then you will require a study permit before you can enter the country.

Various factors such as world class teaching faculty, research based programs and practical skills have made the South American country a top notch overseas destination for international students.

Today’s ambitious youth is looking for more than just a good degree from a top university or college. While choosing the overseas destination for study, they focus more on the post study work scenario with the aim of enhancing their future prospects.

After all, the opportunity of working in the host country immediately finishing the course will further enhance their career plans. In line with such expectations, the Maple Leaf Country have implemented post study work visa that allows them to start working with Canada based employer as soon as the student complete the course of study.

The Maple Leaf country is also proud of the fact that the country is home to some of the world’s best research intensive universities. This highlights the unknown fact that the country is also one of the top destinations for scientific research universities in the world.

Another main reason why Canada emerges as the top notch overseas destination for international students is the Express Entry system, it grants extra points for Canadian education. Additionally, number of Canadian provinces extends an easy opportunity of permanent residence for successful international graduates of their respective provinces.

Following are the key factors that make Canada as the top notch overseas destination for international students:

Cost-efficient education and living: – The land of opportunities is the progressive country that offers remarkable standard of living and endless job opportunities. The ice on the cake is that it also includes immigrants and international students looking for good lifestyle, work prospects and education.

The Maple Leaf country offers some of the best world’s best education facilities that too at affordable cost. This is one of the top reasons why a large number of international students want to study in Canada.

High Standard of education and world recognized degrees:- for number of reasons education system in Canada boast high standard of living. This is on account of the importance given to education by every person living in the country. Thus, people are continuously seeking to pursue graduation and post graduation degree from Canadian universities. Furthermore, Canadian degree is not only recognized globally but is highly valued by international employers.

Post-study work Visa:- its natural after studying from reputed Canadian university, international students prefer to work in their host country. The Maple Leaf country offer number of job opportunities to international students generally such opportunities are not available in other major countries that are equally popular education hub.

In Canada, international students who have successfully acquired a master’s degree from a Canadian university can easily apply for a post study work visa with a minimum tenure of three years with the possibility of further extension.

Safe and secure living environment:- Security is sought by  everybody. International students who pursue their education in Canada are happy with the sense of security they get while they are in the country. Infact, a number of international students are driven by social and financial security. Often listed as the safest place to live, work and study, the country has low crime rate.

Can International students work in Canada while studying?

Yes, this is the most vital financial aspect. Canada allows international students to pursue part time job while studying. This is one of the main reasons why Canada is among the top overseas destination for international students. Canadian government helps reduce financial burden. But restriction is on place where and how long they may work?

Canada allows its international students to work atleast 20 hours per week during their regular classes and during their holidays, they can work full time they are allowed to take jobs either on campus or off campus. 

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