Canada ranked among top countries for students in 2020

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Canadian government give importance to education and learning thus have designed a first rate education system with high standards. Since long the country has invested more in education than anywhere else.

The Land of Milk and Honey is the hotcake for international students in 2020. The Maple Leaf country is extremely popular among international students due to country’s flexible immigration policies and multicultural society.

As per the reports the country has been consistently featuring among top five countries with the best education system globally. Further, a report published by the US News Agency, in 2020 Canada is the third best country to pursue higher education.

Why Canada ranked among top countries for students in 2020?

Following are some of the reasons why Canada has been ranked among the top countries for international students in 2020:-

Quality education:- it is a primary reason why international students prefer to study in Canada. Worldwide, Canadian degree is recognized equivalent to one from the US, the UK or Australia. Consistently, Canadian universities also do well in international ranking. There are number of options to choose from Canadian institutions.

As per the Tomes Higher Education World University Ratings (2018), country’s five universities rank among the top 100 universities in the world. Canadian universities offer number of programs at the undergraduate, post graduate and Doctorate level which is the best part.

Easily affordable:- its easy to afford education cost in Canada. The country is better known for its practical approach towards tuition fee when compared to other countries. For international students Canadian education system charges minimum cost simultaneously, maintain the standard of living.

Apart from paying course fee, international students also have to pay for their accommodation and cover other daily expense. Overall Canada is seriously affordable.

Earn while you learn:- Canadian education system offers you golden opportunity to earn while your learn. International students can work up-to 20 hours every week during your semesters and full time during your summer and winter breaks. To work during holidays, you do not require additional work visa as your study visa is sufficient whether your job is off campus or on campus.

Safety:- the country has low crime rate, this is another one of the big reasons why students chose to study in the Maple Leaf Country over other countries. Canadian government and university administration make sure that international students feel safe in the university campus and across the country. From health care to personal security all necessary measures are taken to make them feel at home away from home.

High Standard of Living: – often the Maple Leaf Country is known as the “happiest country in the world”. It has been regarded as the best country to live and work. International students easily adjust here. Urban zones have an assortment of theaters, art galleries, malls, library, open park, recreation offices, help desk and cafeteria.  As compared to other countries its standard of living is high. Local people are warm, welcoming and helpful.

The future looks bright for the Maple Leaf Country in 2020

As we look forward during the ongoing year, the Maple Leaf Country will continue to attract strong number of international students. The uncertainty towards the US student visa will drive more international students towards Canada.

Fortunately, many countries share positive outlook towards Canada thus the country continues to maintain its strong show on the international stage. As long as Canada continues to recognize the importance and value towards international students they will continue winning their heart.

Further, international students are an important component of the Canadian growing population. Most of them bring with them cultural diversity and values that’s what the country is build upon.

Is it easy for international students to get a job after completing studies in Canada?

Canada is an immigrant friendly country. With flexible immigration rules and regulations, working after completing your course of study is relatively easy. In-fact, it’s much easier for international students to get a Canadian Permanent Residency.

Other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia are regarded as popular student destination, do not have easy work opportunity after completing education.

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