Applying for a Canada Visitor Visa in India

Procedure for Applying - Canada Visit Visa from India

Canada is a heaven on earth, is blessed with high standard of living, quality lifestyle and thriving economy. A large number of people want to immigrate to the country due to one reason or another. Many of them want to apply for the country’s visitor visa in India. If you happen to be one of them then this article is for you. 

What is a Canada Visitor visa?
Canada Visitor visa is also known as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and/or to enter or to move through the country, every Canadian non citizen has to complete online visa application process, and obtain a positive approval applied for the TRV.

Any person who wants to visit the country for short period of time to study or work can apply for the same condition he/she must intend to return to his home country before the visa expires.

What is the process of applying for a Canada visitor visa in India?
The process is smooth and transparent though a bit lengthy. Following is the step by step processing:

1) Visit the official website of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and login thereafter click on visit Canada and fill in all the asked details.
2) Scan and upload all the required document make sure that you do not miss on any.

  • Evidence of financial resources
  • Reproduction of your legal passport with atleast six months validity
  • Family information form IMM5645
  • Letter of invitation from your family or friend, travel plan, details of hotel reservation etc
  • Statement mentioning your reason of Canada trip, exact travel dates etc
  • Two passport size photograph with white background 

3) Fill the visitor visa online application form, sign digitally and upload on the website.
4) Submit visa fee online approximately CAD$ 100
5) Decision of the visitor visa normally takes 30 days
6) You will be informed about the decision on your visa application through e-mail or you can check the status on the official website
7) If your visitor visa application has been approved you will have to submit your passport for stamping within 30 days.

Follow the above process accurately and get the visitor visa to your dream destination without any roadblock and enjoy your tip.

How long can you stay in the Maple Leaf country on Visitor Visa?
The duration of the stay vary and is decided by the immigration officer at the Port of Entry (PoE). You can be given six months from the date you enter the country. If the immigration officer gives you less than six months, the exact departure date will be mentioned on your passport. If you want you can apply for an extension, at least 30 days prior your visitor visa expires.

What next if your Visitor visa has been rejected?
In such a heartbreaking situation people generally baffle, and are not sure what to do next. Once the visa has been rejected the applicant is not left with many options. In such a situation visa officers do not entertain any appeal also. The only left option is to re-apply and go through the whole process again.

You must take help of immigration consultants as these experts are accustomed to managing refusal cases easily. The chances of refusal remain zero if you take their assistance in the first attempt only.

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