South Africa Critical Skills Visa

As we talk about the economic development of Africa, South Africa is a key player. As the African countries grow the demand of skilled workers has risen. South Africa Critical Skill Visa is the prime visa for those skilled workers who want to live and work there.

It has been widely accepted that SA is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, in the last decade the country has experienced dramatic rise in its cultural profile and economy. It is also a popular expat community for large number of Indians, Europeans, British and other nationalities calling it a second home.

South Africa Critical Skills Visa – visa details

South Africa Critical Skills Visa is a temporary resident visa introduced by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in June 2014. It is developed and designed to attract talented skilled workers from every corner of the world. The main aim is to fill the growing gap between demand and skill workers in the local labor market. Preference is given to those applicants whose profession is listed on the critical shortage occupation list.

Once the visa has been given it allows the visa holder to live in SA for 12 months and search for a job. Once the applicant has found a job the same can be converted into work visa. Key features of the visa program are as follow:

  • Applicant can live in SA without a job offer
  • Visa is issued on the basis of applicants skills, qualification and experience
  • Initially the visa is given for 12 months it can be extended further, subject to approval
  • Visa holder must get a job within the given time period
  • Once the applicant has got a job it can be converted into a Critical Skill work permit for five years
  • Unlike General Work Visa application under Critical Skill work permit one does not have to go through the tiring onerous labor certification process

Note: applicants are required to get their qualifications reviewed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), and need to register with the professional body or council, but they do not require a recommendation letter from the accredited professional body or Department of Labor.

What are the major requirements?

Following are the major requirements:

  • 1) Neatly filled visa application form
    2) Payment of visa fee, receipt should be attached with the application form
    3) Biometrics details
    4) Valid passport with atleast 1 month validity period once the applicant intend to return from South Africa
    5) Birth certificate
    6) Proof of sufficient funds till the time applicant does not get his/her first salary
    7) Yellow fever vaccination certificate if applicable
    8) Police Clearance Certificates and health certificate
    9) Documents of spouse and dependent children
    10) Educational credentials assessed by SAQA
    11) Experience certificate

What are the major benefits enjoyed by the South Africa Critical Skills Visa?

There are number of benefits that the visa holder is likely to enjoy:

  • Job offer is not a necessary requirement provided you successfully meet other requirements
  • It allows the visa holder to live in SA for 12 months and look for a suitable job in an occupation listed on skilled occupation list
  • It’s a cap free scheme which means there is no limit on the number of visas issued every year
  • It can be a route to Permanent Resident Visa instantly as well as 5 years working visa without any delay
  • The applicant can bring along his/her family

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