Do’s and Don’ts – Germany Job Seeker Visa

German Job Seeker Visa - Steps to follow

Germany is quite a popular destination among international students. It is also fast becoming a popular immigration destination for skilled workers. Located between central and western Europe, it has largest economy in Europe. 

The shortage of skilled workers has pushed the federal government to find ways to employee foreign skilled talent, thus Germany Job Seeker Visa was introduced in 2012. The aim is to lure qualified professionals to come to the country to find a job or appear for an interview. However, job seekers cannot work in country under this type of visa. 

What is a Germany Job Seeker visa?
It is a short term visa given to those successful applicants who want to live and work in Germany but do not have a job. The duration of the visa is approximately six months. During the duration it allows you to easily access German Job market, live in the country and look out for the suitable job for yourself. At the end of the six months if the job seeker visa holder finds a job the same will be converted into work visa. Thereafter, the applicant can start working.

What is the eligibility criterion?
Getting a Germany Job Seeker Visa is not an easy task. Just to apply for the same requires lot of hard work and documentation. First and foremost is, you must be above 18 years and have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a recognized university in any of the following subject – science, Mathematics, technical or engineering.

Both the university and degree must be H + as per the Anabin University. If you are not sure about the rank of your degree or university you may apply for the evaluation to the German Central office for Foreign Education. The process may take upto three months and cost roughly 200 Euros.

You are also required at least five years work experience in the relevant field. Language proficiency is another mandatory condition you must be fluent in German both reading and writing.

Country’s job seeker visa comes with some privileges and restrictions. Lets explore both the sides:

The DO’s

  • You can live in the country and look for suitable job
  • It become much easy to look for a job and appear for an interview
  • You can travel any where within the country
  • It is a multiple entry visa which means you can travel in and out of the country any number of times
  • Upon getting employment, once you have lived and worked in the country for at least five years you can apply for the German Permanent Residency

The DONT’s

  • You cannot work with the Germany job seeker visa. However, if you have found a suitable job you can change the same into the country’s work visa
  • It’s a temporary resident visa which means you cannot stay in the country beyond six months

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