Easiest International Education Visas of 2020 – The Mauritius Study Visa

Mauritius Student Visa - Best Visa for International Careers

In last few years Mauritius has consistently redefine as the most preferred nation to study for international students. The demand of Mauritius universities and colleges has increased because of number of benefits it guarantee to its students and skilled workers. Yes, the country has been providing lucrative benefits to its students.

 Why study in Mauritius?

Over the period of time the country has developed as ideal education destination for variety of graduate and under graduate courses and specialization such as applied science, engineering, management etc. Mauritius has two types of universities public and private.

Here you get a chance to pursue course of your choice in top rank university that offer quality teaching. The biggest advantage is cost of education is quite affordable, and unlike foreign universities, universities in Mauritius do not ask for language score such as IELTS or TOFEL to get admission all you need is good education background.

The Mauritius Study Visa

Mauritius student visa is a legal permit that allows a non-citizen of the country to study full-time or part-time in a tertiary educational institution that is registered with a Tertiary Education Commission, or in a Technical and Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) institution registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority.

To obtain the same it is mandatory for the applicant to secure a seat in the Tertiary Educational Institution or a TVET institution registered with the Tertiary Education Commission or the Mauritius Qualification Authority.

Once the applicant has successfully gained a study visa, a student is entitled for number of benefits.

What is the eligibility criterion?

Prospective students are required to meet following eligibility criteria:-

  • Must get himself/herself enrolled on a fulltime basis in an institute that is accredited with MITD, and register specific modules for at least two semesters.
  • Must apply for a full-time course which can eventually lead to a diploma or a certificate for an academic year.
  • Get enrolled for a full-time or part-time undergraduate level program in an accredited institution.
  • Should get enrolled for a full-time or part-time post-graduate level program in a registered institution.
  • Must be a non-Mauritian applicant for conducting post-doctoral research.
  • Must intend to study in the country for an exchange program of other tertiary education institutes for more than a year.
  • Once you have proved your eligibility by applying for an institution, you are now required to apply for the visa by providing essential documents.

What is the visa process?

On behalf of the applicant the university in which the applicant is enrolled must apply to the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) in Mauritius. The application process does not take more then 2-3 weeks. Once the PIO approve the application an entry permit is issued for three months to enable them to enter into the country.


Mauritius is a peaceful beautiful country. One does not really have to work hard to get its study visa. The process is quite simple, if you have any doubt you can contact immigration experts at CanAuz.  

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