Do you know, a skilled candidate is always a need for Canada? Yes, the country is searching for millions of skilled professionals to their Canadian economy. The immigrants are eligible to settle in Canada as permanent residents, and the only requirement to become eligible is to have the skills that are required by the Canadian labour market. If you have the skills matching to the requirement, then you can become a Canadian permanent resident by applying through Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the economic programs under the Express Entry System. The program is specifically designed for skilled professionals who have the skills that are in-demand in Canada. The pathway helps skilled professionals to migrate and get settled as Canadian permanent residents.

To be eligible for the FSW program, it is required to meet the below-mentioned eligibility requirements:

  • Need to have a full-time work experience for a minimum of one year in the occupation that is being applied in the past 10 years of skills 0, A, and B
  • Should have an occupation listed in the Canada in-demand skilled occupation list that matches to the Canadian labour market
  • Need to have a Canadian job offer (optional)
  • Required to meet the language requirements; should score a minimum of CLB 7
  • Proving language proficiency in French will help to improve profile proficiency and increase the score
  • Need to score a minimum of 67 points on the Canada PR points calculator
  • Should meet the education standards of Canada
  • Must prove for having good health and character by submitting the required certificates

Under the PR points calculator it is mandatory to score a minimum of 67 points for eligibility. This score is obtained by assessing the factors:

Age:  You can score a maximum of 12 points if you are under the age of 35 while applying.

Education: You can score a maximum of 25 points if you have a Ph.D. from a university.

Work Experience: You can score a maximum of 15 points if having over 15 years of experience in the relevant occupation.

Language Proficiency: Should score at least CLB 7 for eligibility.

Adaptability: These points are obtained based on various factors such as spouse eligibility factors, education in Canada, previous work experience in Canada, having arranged employment, etc.

The documents which are essential while processing the FSW application are:

  • Birth Certificate/other documents for personal identification
  • Your educational certificates
  • Medical certificates proving good health
  • Travel and passport documents
  • Documents related to Previous Work Experience
  • Character Certificate proving good character
  • If having job opportunity, need to provide the required documents
  • Proof of funds
  • Bank statements
  • If moving along with dependents/spouse, should providing the relevant documents to prove the relation

The Fund requirements vary based on the number of people accompanying the primary applicant.  

No. of Dependents accompanying

Required Funds













For each additional dependent


The fee requirements for Canada Permanent Residence change according to the number of people accompanying the applicant. Also, the visa fee can change from the place they are applying or other factors. Find the below-mentioned fee requirements that are must for candidates planning to settle in Canada as permanent residents:

Condition 1: If planning to travel alone (Primary Applicant only)

Processing Fee for Canada Visa: $550

Right of PR visa: $490

Biometrics: $85

Condition 2: If planning to travel with spouse 

Processing Fee for Canada Visa: $550

Right of PR visa: $490

Biometrics: $85

Condition 3: If planning to travel with children

Right of PR visa: $150 for each dependent

Biometrics: $85

Other fee requirements include for IELTS test, educational credential assessment, medical test, character test, etc.

To apply for Canada permanent residence through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, it is essential to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Need to get profile assessed on Canada Point’s calculator and score at least 67 points.
  2. Should complete Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
  3. Lodge your profile on Express Entry.
  4. Get placed in Express Entry Pool based on your profile score.
  5. Obtain Invitation to Apply by meeting the score requirements as set by the Express Entry draws.
  6. After obtaining an ITA, you should submit the PR application in 60 days with the required documents.
  7. Get your visa approval and migrate to Canada as a permanent resident.

Can I apply for a Canada FSW visa?

To check your eligibility to apply for Canada, you are required to get your profile assessed on the PR point’s grid. Therefore, contact the Canada PR visa consultant to obtain your profile analysis. Speaking to the top visa consultants will help your profile meet excellence.