Germany study visa – important aspect

Best Prospects - Germany Student Visa

Lately, Germany has emerged as a magnet attracting thousands of international students from every corner of the world. Home to number of top ranked universities, high employment rate, affordable cost of living, the country is no less than a golden paradise for those who are keen to pursue higher studies overseas.

While studying here, students enjoys number of attractive perks and cherish equivalent rights to those German citizens such as opportunity to work while studying, multiple entry visa etc. The process of acquiring Germany study visa is quite complicated. Therefore, those who are keen to apply for the country’s study visa must be fully aware of its important aspects.

Who requires a visa to study in Germany?

Anyone who is not a permanent resident neither a citizen of Germany can apply for a student visa. There are two broad categories:-

  • If the duration of your course in upto 3 months than you will have to apply for Schengen Visa
  • If your course will last for more than 3 months than you will have to apply for German national visa

Depending on the duration and nature of your course check which visa is best for you.

What are the different types of German Student Visa?

There are three types of German Student Visa depending on your course of study and the duration of the course. The following are the three different types:-

German Student Visa:- it is a standard international student visa given to those students who have enrolled in a full time study program.

German Student Applicant Visa:– it is for those internationals students who want to be in the country in person to apply for admission in a specific university.

German Language Course Visa: it is given to international students who want to study a language course in the country.

What are the documents Required?

To complete your visa application there is a long list of required documents and they are as follow:-

  • Completely filled application form
  • Valid passport with atleast 6 months validity period
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Admission letter from recognized German university
  • Academic transcripts of diplomas, degrees and certificates
  • Language proficiency certificate
  • Evidence of funds to proof you are financially capable of supporting yourself while you are studying in Germany
  • Health and character certificate
  • Declaration of the authenticity of the documents submitted duly signed by the applicant

The best time to apply for German Student Visa is when your university has issued you a admission letter and have secured the required funds to live and study in country.  Paper formalities do not take more than 3 months hence you must plan accordingly.

You may bring along your spouse or dependent children condition you meet the primary financial condition. This includes having enough financial resources to cover their stay in Germany. Each applicant is treated individually, and if you are able to explain your situation clearly to the consulate then you may be given special consideration.

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