How to apply for Canada PR through PNP?

Canada is one of the top-notch countries for several reasons, and that makes it the busiest with immigration every year. Yearly, thousands of people across the globe migrate to Canada through various visa programs. Since there is a lapse in the labour market, even the country is searching and providing efficient opportunities to skilled candidates to become part of the Canadian economy.

In addition to the employment, you are eligible to obtain permanent residency status. However, to become part of Canada with employment, it is important to choose the right immigration program. PNPs or the Provincial Nominee Programs are one among the immigration programs for PRs. Let us now discuss, how you can become part of Canada if your application is processed through PNPs.

What is Canada PNP?

In order to meet the skill requirements, each province of Canada participate in the PNPs. Candidates who wish to process their application with Canada PNP should meet the eligibility requirements as set by the provinces and should get nominated from any of the PNP programs.

What are the Provincial Nominee Programs?

There are 11 PNP programs organized by the immigration system.

  • Alberta Provincial Nomination Programme
  • British Columbia Provincial Nomination Programme
  • Manitoba Provincial Nomination Programme
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Programme
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nomination Programme
  • Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Programme
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Programme
  • Ontario Provincial Nomination Programme
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Programme
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Programme
  • Yukon Provincial Nomination Programme

Each province is having different requirements and eligibility criteria. If planning to apply under any of the program, then it is advised to consult a PNP consultant for the best experience.

What are the steps to apply for PNP?

The steps which are essential to be followed for applying PNP programs are:

Step 1: Need to submit an Express Entry Profile

Step 2: Obtain a nomination from Express Entry streams that belong to the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Step 3: After obtaining a nomination, accept it if you are agreed to the conditions. Then, get your invitation to apply for Canada PR.

Step 4: Once you receive your ITA, you need to fill out the application and gather the required documents to submit an application to the Canadian immigration government.

Step 5: After you receive the visa approval, you need to migrate to Canada and live in the nomination received province.

How to check my eligibility for Canada PNP?

A nomination from any province is an advantage to secure an ITA faster, as a nomination issues additional 600 points towards your CRS score. Hence, be sure while applying for the province. You need to match the required eligibility criteria so that you will be on the top to obtain a provincial nomination. 

Consulting a PNP consultant will be the right choice to decide an immigration program for your profile. CanAuz Overseas Careers is one of the leading immigration consultancies in Hyderabad for Canada immigration. If you are interested to apply for Canada PR from India, then obtain help from them by contacting at 8688316151 or drop your query at