How to get a job seeker visa for South Africa

South Africa Critical Skilled Visa - Documents & Process

South Africa has the second largest economy in Africa. Due to multicultural diversity, the country is often referred as “rainbow nation”. It has a newly industrialized economy and the World Bank has classified it as an upper middle income economy.

It’s no secret South Africa has high unemployment rate yet the country is in need of large number of skilled workers. For an outsider it’s impossible to penetrate South African job market without a valid job seeker visa.

Whereas applicants with relevant work experience and skills do not have any difficulty in accessing the local job market before the job offer is extended to foreign national local employers have to proof that they are unable to find eligible South African citizen for the job.

What is job seeker visa for South Africa?

It is a temporary resident visa issued for upto 3 months initially to search for a job in SA. Once the applicants confirm the job within the given period the Department of Home Affairs converts the job seeker visa into work permit. Initially, the work permit is issued for 5 years and can be extended further depending on the job tenure.

What are its main features:-

Its main features are as follow:-

  • Issued upto the period of three months
  • It is a temporary resident permit
  • If the applicant is unable to find a job than the applicant will have to leave the country before the visa expires
  • Applicant can bring along his/her family


What is the basic eligibility requirement?

The basic eligibility requirement for South Africa Job Seeker is as follow:-

  • Minimum five years work experience in the relevant occupation
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree duly assessed by South African Qualification Authority
  • Proofs of funds to cover the stay in country
  • Positive health and character certificate

What are the benefits of South Africa Job Seeker visa?

Job Seeker Visa is best for those who want to permanently live in the country. You can bring along your family and search for the right opportunity and once the applicant has found a employer the job seeker visa can easily be converted into long term work permit visa for initial period of five years and after you have lived and worked in the country for atleast five years its easy to obtain SA permanent residency.

Getting a South Africa Job Seeker visa will open the gates of one of the robust economies in the continent. Once you clear the selection criteria, chances of making big in the country increase many folds.

How CanAuz can help you?

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