How to immigrate to Canada during the threat of Cornavirus (COVID19)

Covid 19 Pandemic & Canada Immigration

Due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic almost every country has imposed travel restriction and Canada is no exception. However, the country has adopted different approach to welcome new immigrants.

In the last two decades the Maple Leaf Country has adopted aggressive immigration policies to welcome skilled immigrants. Country’s immigration minister “Marco Mendicino”, has made an announcement in March this year that it aims to bring approximately 1 million new immigrants by the end of 2022.

To meet the target the country aims to welcome atleast 58 percent of the total number under the economic class, 27 percent will come under the family class, and remaining 15 percent will come under refugee and other humanitarian grounds.

The new Express Entry draw is a clear indication that the country is committed to achieve its set immigration target. Despite the serious Cornavirus impact IRCC has issued 11,700 lately compared to 7,800 and 8000 invitations issued in march and february respectively.

Since long Canada has welcome immigrants and acknowledge their economic and social development towards the country’s growth.  To boast the moral of new immigrant’s country’s immigration minster “Marco Mendicino”, has further stated that post Coronavirus pandemic immigration will be the major key to the country’s economic recovery.

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continues to provide uninterrupted services

IRCC is working round the clock to provide uninterrupted immigration services to those who have created Express Entry profile or intend to create. Immigration officers are working from remote areas to smoothly process visa PR visa applications.

Why Canada continues to welcome new immigrants?

Firstly, the “Land of opportunities”, understand the importance of maintaining the continuous flow of immigrants. The country needs new skilled workers more than ever to boost its economy and meet the skilled demand.

Secondly, new immigrants will help diminish demographic challenges such as aging population, low birth rate and baby boomers retirement.

The county’s population is largely dependent on immigrants since 1990’s and is expected to remain dependent by 2030. More population will help the labor force grow stronger and country can easily grow its economy.

The country has definitely lead the world in the way it has managed Cornavirus pandemic along with its immigrations services. Considering the country’s effective approach to the public health and immigration, world economists has predicted that in no time the country’s economy will revive the old growth pace. More and more its people will get back to work and new job opportunities will be created for new immigrants thus immigration graph will move upward.

How to immigrate to Canada during the coronavirus pandemic?

Even during the coronavirus threat you can easily immigrate to the “Land of Opportunities”:-

Express Entry System:- the system is too familiar among immigrants to be introduced and the good news is Express Entry continues to accept application despite of coronavirus pandemic.  The latest Express Entry draw took place on may 1st issuing 3,311 invitations with a CRS score of 452.  Due to high number of ITA’s issued and low CRS score many immigrants believe this is the right time to apply

Provincial Nominee program (PNP’s)

In spite of coronavirus threat many Canadian provinces and territories continue to conduct regular draws and issue invitations. Canadian provinces such as Nova Scotia, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia continue to bring new immigration to keep its economy on its toes adapting all health precautious.

Spousal sponsorship

Under the program, you can sponsor your spouse or common law partner/conjugal partner for Canada PR visa. To sponsor the sponsor should be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, and must be above 18 years old.

To sponsor proof of relationship is required at the time of submitting the application. Despite COVID 19 restrictions, IRCC continues to accept application under the program.

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