Important steps to follow for Canada PR under Express Entry

Express Entry to Canada - Steps to follow

For the last few months the world is facing serious challenge with serious restrictions on movement of people like never before by following complete lockdown. Social distancing and quarantined lives have become part of our daily life. 

If we really want to safeguard our future then we will have to go beyond typical measures. Post pandemic period people will be more careful and alert and they will no longer want to take risks with their life and will try to secure their future by settling in well developed country. When it comes to migration relocating to a country like Canada could be fruit-full idea. 

The country is not only economically strong but its health system is well developed. Through effective health measures Canada has successfully managed to respond positively towards COVID-19 situation. 

Canada Express Entry is the best immigration program for those who want to settle in Canada to work or study. For majority of reasons this program is in demand. It is highly recommended program.

The Maple Leaf Country selects potential skilled immigrants through Express Entry. If in any way Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) halt its immigration flow, then it may face serious effects on its national growth which the country cannot afford at this point of time.

The following structure will enable applicants to highlight relevant details of the electronic system.

  • Create Express Entry profile electronically
  • Meet the language requirement for one of the two official languages i.e. English or French
  • Get your Education Credential Assessed by authorized authority
  • If you want to settle in a specific province except Quebec then file the PNP application this way you can straight away earn 600 extra points
  • Once you have been selected through draw you can seek an invitation to apply (ITA’s) and have maximum 60 days to claim Canadian Permanent Resident Visa
  • Comply to the Canadian law enforcement agencies and get a health checkup done
  • Get your application crosschecked
  • Receive your PR status confirmation

Travel to Canada. Once you have taken the above mentioned steps you can finally travel to the Maple Leaf Country.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced several relief packages, and employment benefits, along with number of other economic measures to help individuals and businesses professionals recover affected by the covid-19 virus.

If we talk about the Maple Leaf Country specifically, it will not be wrong to say that the country has always welcomed skilled immigrants and has always considered migrants as a perfect source of economic and social development.

Currently, like many other countries in the world, the happiest country in the world is also facing number of covid-19 cases. However, this does not stop the country from taking the bold decision to continue bringing new immigrants to meet the 2020-2022 target of 1 million new immigrants. This is an important step that the country has taken to recover from the economic slowdown.

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