Important tips to help prepare yourself for Australia PR visa in 2020

Preparation tips & Guide - Australian Immigration

Its hard to give one good reason why a large number of immigrants are eager to become Australian permanent resident.  Backed by stable economy, endless job opportunities and high standard of living, country’s PR visa remains the top choice of prospective immigrants.

Every year Department of Home Affairs (DHA) welcomes tens and thousand of skilled professionals from different countries. However, it’s much easy to take a decision but quite difficult to actually formalize it. It’s a tough call to make a right choice. One must have clear understanding of the procedure. If you are keen to apply for Australian Permanent Resident Visa following are some important tips to help prepare yourself for Australia PR visa in 2020.

How to prepare Permanent Resident Visa file?

Department of Home Affairs (DHA) offers number of PR programs available to migrants seeking Australian Permanent Residency. They have to think wisely of the PR category in which they see themselves as nominee. Some of the options are General Skilled Migration program (GSM), International students programs, Business investor programs etc.

Some important tips to help prepare yourself for Australia PR visa in 2020

Familiarize yourself how SkillSelect Works

It is an invitation visa. To apply you must get an “Invitation to Apply” through skillselect. The first and foremost option is to check if your occupation is listed in the Australian occupational demand list, and if it falls in the medium and long term strategic list, thereafter you can apply for Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189  it also let  you to settle anywhere in country indefinitely.

For many skillselect is the most difficult part. To maximize chances, it is important that you must make the right choice of occupation and work hard to maximize your points. Timing also plays vital role, you need to keep yourself upto date with the prevailing trend.

Improve your GSM score

60 points is the minimum passing benchmark, though, it’s not enough to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).  A good score will improve your chances. The most effective way is to polish your language skills, accumulate work experience in Australia, opt for international degree, try for state nomination etc. Other factors also play an important role such as spouse skills and NAATI Translator or Interpreter Test.

For skill assessment choose the right occupation

Once you have lodged your application, it’s not possible to change the nominated occupation, hence make a right choice. In number of cases, there could be more than one skilled occupation which could be used for skill assessment.

Skill assessment largely depends on your occupation. When it comes to getting an skill select invitation, some occupations are more difficult than others. Further, each state has its own state nomination list, and its own selection criteria. Making the right choice at right time can open state nomination opportunities.

Think regional – prefer state nomination

State nomination open number of opportunities. For instance, an occupational ceiling is not applicable for state nominated visas. Its gives you priority in skillselect, as soon as you complete your nomination, you are likely to receive an invitation immediately.

It can easily fetch you 5 -10 points straight away. Each state has its own wide range of list of occupations to choose from. Applicants who are willing to settle outside the main capital and main cities enjoy benefits.

Higher Studies

You may increase your chances of getting Australia PR visa by pursing higher studies in Oz, once you have completed your first qualification. Study in regional area can help you earn 5 points extra condition you complete your two years qualification. On the other hand a number of state governments look forward to PhD graduates.

Applying for Australia PR visa is more competitive than ever before, and it is important that you must make the most of the opportunity. CanAuz can effectively guide you sail through the difficult time. We have a result oriented team with great expertise, experience and knowledge. We can help you from start till end.

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