Indians, Among the Top 3 Largest Immigrant Groups in Australia

The increasing growth of Indian immigrants in Australia is significant. A huge number of Indian professionals and families apply for Australian migration programs each year, migrate to the country and later obtain Australian citizenship. 

Every year, the Australian government intends to take in immigrants by setting up a target number. For the 2019-2020, the intake target was set at 160,000 immigrants in 1 year. 

The target numbers for the migration program in 2019-20 was lower than the targets for previous years. However, India was the largest source of migrants to Australia in this period. Indian migrants are also the top source of Australian citizenship with over 28,000 Indian migrants acquiring citizenship.

It was the 6th time in a row that India was a top source for citizenship in Australia, followed by Britain and China. Nearly 33,611 places under the permanent migration programs went to Indians.

The primary reasons of why Australia encourages immigration from worldwide are:

  • Overcome the skills shortage in the labour market and develop the economy through the contribution of skilled immigrant talent. 
  • Help residents or citizens of Australia reunite with their families living outside the country. 
  • Help people in special circumstances with valid visas to migrate to Australia and enjoy an improved lifestyle.