Is IELTS Required For Germany?

Germany Visa - IELTS Requirements

Germany is amongst those European countries which students look forward to for studying and working after their studies. It is a well-known destination for engineering courses, especially related to the automotive industry.

However, getting admissions in German Universities is quite of a task. The education here is free but there is definitely a price tag attached with it. After all, nothing comes for free! Well, the price tag that you have to pay is a good educational background.

There are certain eligibility criteria that you must fulfil in case you wish to study in Germany.

Eligibility requirements for studying in Germany

The German Universities have set the admission requirement standards very high.

If you wish to pursue your UG course, you must have scored about 90% in your class 12 or equivalent. In case you wish to pursue engineering, you must have appeared for IITJEE or any equivalent exam to be eligible. In addition to this, you must also appear for either IELTS or TOEFL to prove your language efficiency.

However, if you plan on pursuing your PG course, you must have scored a minimum of 70-75% in your UG course from a well-reputed institution. Some universities also require you to appear for GRE and score a minimum of 300. It would boost your profile even if the university doesn’t demand for it and you score good in the test. You should also appear either for IELTS or TOEFL. You need a minimum of 6.0 in IELTS and a minimum of 100 in TOEFL.

Hence, it is mandatory for you to either appear for IELTS or TOEFL if you wish to study in Germany.

International student courses

Being an international student, you must look for the international study programs that are taught in that particular university. These courses are taught in English, so in case you are looking for some course that is taught exclusively in English, you must look for it under this section. If you do not possess a sound knowledge of German, you shouldn’t opt for the courses that are taught in German.

However, some of these courses also provide you with an option of having dissertation in German and you must prove your German efficiency beforehand to opt for it.

Application process

If you wish to study in Germany, you must know that there are to different intakes in a year. The first admission takes place in September-October and the second one takes place in March-April. The application ad visa procedure would take about 9 months so you would have to plan your admission accordingly. The deadline for the application for the September-October intake is 15th January and for that of the March-April intake is 15th July. It is therefore recommended that you apply for it earlier.

Once the university gets your application, it would take about 3 to 4 months to inform you about the outcome. It is recommended that you check all the documents beforehand and then send since not all universities would intimate back in case a document is missing. Make sure that there are no last minute issues.

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