Living in Australia as Permanent Resident- Benefits, Costs and Other Details

Australia PR - Process, Costs & Advantages

Australia is a land of opportunities. Located at the other end of the world, it is the best developed country in the world. With a thriving economy, it attracts hundreds and thousands of immigrants every year. People who visit the country once are so impressed by its culture, people, lifestyle, infrastructure that they do not wish to return to their home country. Such is the charm of Down Under.

Why do immigrants want to become Australian Permanent Residents?

No immigration expert has been able to answer the question. Almost every immigrant has a different reason to justify the question. The craze of the country’s Permanent Resident visa is high especially among young generation.

What are the pathways to apply for Australia PR visa?

There are number of pathways that lead you to the country’s much desired permanent category:-

  • Skilled migration (point based, skill select)
  • Employer/state sponsored visa
  • Business and investment category
  • Parents, relatives and partner visa

What are the benefits of Australia Permanent Resident Visa?

Let’s have a look on some of the benefits that will come your way once you have successfully acquired the Australian PR visa:-

  • You can live and work in the country indefinitely
  • You can travel abroad any number of time without worrying of applying for the new visa
  • You can travel anywhere in the country without any restriction, if you want, internally you can relocate as well
  • All thanks to your permanent visa, you can switch jobs and profession whenever you want, except jobs in Armed Forced as only the country’s citizens have the right to join national Armed Force
  • You can sponsor your family member and close friends condition they successfully meet the eligibility requirement
  • After three years of living and working in Oz you can apply for the Australian citizenship
  • You kids born in the country will be considered Australian citizens by birth
  • Oz has one of the best developed health care system known as Medicare. As a Permanent Resident you are eligible to access the same.

How much Australian Permanent Resident Visa cost?

Well, nothing comes for free. To get Australian PR visa is a costly affair but at the end of the day its worth every penny. Look at the below table, Department of Home Affairs (DHA) may amend the visa fee with out any prior notification thus at the time of submitting the PR application check their official website or speak to a immigration expert.


Fees (INR)

Primary applicant

Secondary applicant





Skill assessment

Between 15,141 to 47,948

Language test


State sponsorship


Medical test

Between 1,500 to 5,000

Visa label fees



Australia PR visa and immigration agents

No doubt Down Under has the most developed immigration system in the world and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) smartly handles the same. Though the process is crystal clear yet you are advised to process your PR application under the guidance of experienced immigration consultants such as Canauz Overseas Careers in Hyderabad.

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