Living in Canada as Permanent Resident – Benefits, Costs and Other Details

Canada PR - Process, Costs & Advantages

To become Canadian permanent resident is a dream of hundreds and thousands of people but everyone is not lucky to live their dream in reality. Canada, also known as the “land of opportunities”, is the “happiest country in the world”. It attracts immigrants from every corner of the world and Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is the most desired category every applicant waits for.

What is a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa?

Canadian government gives permanent resident visa to eligible non citizens. With a PR visa they can live and work in the country, and are entitled to enjoy almost all benefits enjoyed by its citizens except right to vote and right to stand for electoral post. They are fully protected as per the Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

How to apply for the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has the power to gIive PR visa.  The apex immigration body has laid number of ways to apply for the country’s PR visa. Only those applicants who successfully meet the eligibility criteria gets  the country’s PR visa.  There are various popular programs to apply for PR Visa such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP’s), Quebec Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade program etc all fall under the single umbrella of Express Entry.

What are the benefits of living in Canada as Permanent Residents?

Once you become the country’s permanent resident you are likely to enjoy number of benefits. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Live and work anywhere in Canada
  • Get access to world class free health care facilities and social services
  • Sponsor your spouse and dependent children
  • You can easily apply for Canadian Citizenship there after its passport
  • Canadian government cannot take away the permanent status from you. Unless, you have committed a serious crime
  • You can travel aboard any number of times
  • Children under the age of 18 are entitled for free education
  • Access to the country’s open labor market
  • If you have gone unemployed you are entitled for unemployment benefits as well

As permanent resident an abundance of benefits awaits for you in the Maple Leaf Country.  Specifically speaking, the country’s Express Entry Program has been an enormous success in terms of obtaining Canadian PR visa.

How much does it cost?

Canada PR visa is most affordable. On an average the complete process will cost you around CAD$1500 for a single applicant, CAD $3000 for a couple and CAD $3150 for a family of three i.e. husband, wife and one child and CAD$3300 for a family of four i.e. husband, wife and two children.

If you have obtained PR visa through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP’s), you will have to shell out additional sum, the amount varies from province to province.

Miscellaneous charges may include language test, it may cost you approximately INR 12,500. Educational Credential Assessment, travelling tickets etc.

Canada PR visa and immigration agents

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