Guide to Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

The Guide Book - Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Quebec is one the fourteen provinces of Canada. After Ontario, it is the second most populated Canadian province it is also the only province largely dominated by French speaking population. Canadian aspirants often refer Quebec immigration as “Plan B” when they are unable to meet the requirements of Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW).

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa was first issued by the Quebec government to meet the growing demand of skilled worker within the province. It shares mutual agreement with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) accordingly it allows them to nominate skilled workers with required education, skills, experience and language for skilled visa. Officially, the pathway is known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Like other federal programs, the Quebec Skilled Worker program does not requires a valid job offer from a Canadian and/or Quebec employer. Applicants are selected on the basis of personal and professional attributes and who can easily establish themselves economically and have clear intention of permanently residing in the province.

Its qualifying criteria is based on the province cultural uniqueness and labor demand. Applicants can include their spouse/common law partner and dependent children on the application. In fact, applicants with family are awarded extra points especially those who have young children.

The program has no eligible occupation list. If the applicant meets the set criteria they will easily qualify for the program regardless of their experience and occupation.

How to apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa?

There are two primary stages:-

  • Apply to the Quebec government to get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). It’s a proof that the province has selected the candidate for PR visa.
  • Once the applicant gets a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), the candidate will have to submit the PR application to the IRCC along with the CSQ certificate.

Eligibility requirements

The foremost requirement is Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). It’s a point based program only those candidates who are capable of contributing towards the development of the province are picked.  Each applicant has to score minimum 50 points on the point’s grid system while applicant with spouse or common law partner must score at least 59 points.

These points are given on the basis of their credentials submitted by the applicants.  Quebec Skilled Worker Visa selection factors are as follow:-


Maximum points

Education Qualification


Area of Training


Valid job offer






Language Proficiency


Stay and family in the province


Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics


Presence of Accompanying Children


Financial Self-sufficiency



Note: It is important to score one point in Financial Self – sufficiency factor. It helps the Quebec government to understand that the applicant is financially self sufficient and is capable of supporting themselves and their family once they have moved to the country.

Process of applying

1) Score the minimum passing score
2) You need to be atleast 18 years at the time of submitting application
3) You need to proof language proficiency
4) A valid job offer from Quebec employer will definitely fetch you some extra points
5) Minimum three years work experience in the last five years
6) Education certificates
7) Financial proofs


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