Study Visa - GERMANY

Planning to start your career in Germany? Then, you are required to apply for the visa type that helps you be study and become part of the Germany nation. The best program you choose, the easy it becomes to process application and study in Germany.

What are the types of Germany Study visas?
The Germany study visa is issued according to the study levels and degrees. This can be based on the studies type such as exchange, graduate, post-graduate, undergraduate studies.
There are three Germany study visa types to apply for a student:

Germany Student Visa: It is a standard student visa issued for international students who are admitted in a Germany university and are ready to commence their full-time studies in the university.

German Student Application Visa: This visa is issued if you are planning to apply for a university admission in-person. This visa is valid only after the completion of the university application. After the process is done, students can study in Germany.

German Language Course Visa: This visa type is issued for students who are planning to complete a German language course in the country.

The requirements to process the Germany Student Visa are:

Documents related to visa application include:
• Visa application form that is duly filled and signed
• Valid national passport
• Recent passport sized photographs
• Birth certificate
• Marriage certificate , if married
• Child birth certificate, if accompanying
• Previous German residence detail , if having

Documents related to Financial Resources:
• German Blocked bank account with €10,236
• Letter of commitment and proofs related to parent’s income and financial assets
• Letter of commitment
• “Verpflichtungserklärung”, a letter that declares that your costs during study are bear by the German resident
• Scholarship details
• Bank assurance
• Educational Documents
• Evidence of previous education
• Student Health insurance
• Certificate of English or German language proficiency
• University entrance qualification

  • After obtaining the admission letter from the German university, you need to prepare for gathering the required documents for your visa application.
  • Obtain the photographs and meet the biometric requirements.
  • Fill the application form for National visa. Provide the accurate information and submit the application.
  • Take print of the Declaration on true and complete information and sign on it.
  • Schedule a visa interview at the German Mission.
  • Before moving to the appointment, verify the visa fee details on the official German Mission website and get the Demand Draft.

In order to apply for the German Student Visa, it is required to apply after obtaining the university letter of admission and gathering the essential financial finds to live and study in the country.

Yes, having the required financial funds is an important requirement before planning to apply. If you are not having an official scholarship obtained, then these funds will be the resources to help you meet the requirements in Germany.

The processing time for Germany student visa can take up to 25 days. However, the processing time differs based on the country you are applying and the German embassy you are applying from.

Generally, the other study visa applications process within 3 months.

The documents required to enrol in university studies in Germany as an international student are:

  • National ID card/National Passport: The document has to show that you have the valid entry to study, if you are identified as the qualified citizen to enter in the country.
  • Letter of Confirmation of Admission in education.
  • Document of German University Entrance Qualification that prove you are qualified to study in German universities.
  • Your recent passport sized photographs
  • Student Health insurance.

Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) is the university qualification document which is very important to obtain admission at a German higher education provider. This document details that you have the equivalence of your foreign education certificate with the German Abitur.

And, if the previous education doesn’t qualify or meet the equivalence of HZB, then, it is essential to undertake a test for recognition. However, this is subjected only if meet other university admission requirements.

To know more about the visa details, fee required to process the application, it is advised to speak to experienced visa consultants. Canauz experience will be a good benefit for hassle-free visa process.