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Overview of Mauritius Student Visa

Planning to study in Mauritius? Then, you need to find the right pathway that can allow you to study in the country and help you obtain several benefits. Mauritius Student visa is the visa program that helps a foreign national to live and study in the country. Also, the visa program helps to settle in the country by meeting the required eligibility requirements.

Mauritius Student visa is the permit that allows a non-citizen to live and study in the country. The visa program helps to study part-time or full-time in a tertiary educational institution that is registered with a Tertiary Education Commission or a TVET – Technical and Vocational Educational and Training institution that is registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority.

Why most of the students choose Mauritius to study?

Mauritius is a great land for many reasons, and for students, it is considered to be the best and popular to choose because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • The country has an excellent track record of the political background and economic growth
  • Mauritius is having a worldwide reputation as the most business-friendly country in Africa and it is popular in attracting investors and new talents
  • The nation is multilingual, i.e. people can communicate in French or English or Creole
  • The country is diverse, accepts cultures from Asia, Africa, and Europe
  • The unique lifestyle provides recreates a unique and enjoyable culture with the highest quality education
  • The living cost in the country is low compared to other countries. Also, the country provides free healthcare services with subsidized transport
  • Top universities offer low student tuition fees
  • International students have the opportunity to work part-time
  • Full-time students can obtain free public transport

Who can apply for Mauritius Student Visa?

A non-citizen of the country who plans to get enrolled in one or more programs from a recognized TVET institution or tertiary educational institution on a full-time basis for one or two semesters, or for a course that leads for a certificate or diploma that lasts for at least one academic year.

Below find the in-detail information about the eligibility requirements:

  • A non-citizen who is enrolled for a full-time or a part-time degree course from a recognized tertiary educational institution at an undergraduate level
  • A non-citizen who is enrolled for a full-time or a part-time course in a recognized tertiary educational institution at a post-graduate level
  • A non-citizen who is performing a post-Doctoral research
  • A non-citizen who has come to Mauritius for an exchange program which doesn’t exceed a year from a recognized tertiary educational institution

What are the documents required for processing the student visa?

The documents which are required while applying for the Mauritius Student Visa are:

  • A duly filled application form that represents you to enter Mauritius
  • Recent passport-sized photographs
  • Copy of the bio-data pages of the applicant’s passport
  • Original Admission letter as received from a recognized educational institution or TVET institution
  • Information related to the admission letter from a recognized educational institution or TVET institution
  • Information related to the course and letter of confirmation obtained from the tertiary education institution
  • Documents that support the financial funds that are declared to meet the life and study cost
  • Medical documents that prove the applicant as healthy and free from any health issues and chronic problems

What are the benefits of studying in Mauritius?

The benefits that can be obtained by studying in Mauritius are:

  • There will be less tuition fee
  • Tertiary Education Commissions (TEC) constantly verify the quality of education
  • The country has a bilingual workforce – English, and French
  • Can achieve free transport and publish health-related services
  • Best Infrastructure across the country
  • The best environment with good weather and a safe society
  • The Business of the country constantly focus on foreign skilled candidates to fulfill its labor requirements
  • Cost of living is low and moderate

What is the process to study at a Tertiary Education Institution in Mauritius?

The steps to complete the procedure to study in a Tertiary Education Commission are:

  • Need to have a seat acquired from a higher education institution that is recognized by the Tertiary Education
  • Need to apply for a visa by submitting the below-mentioned requirements:
  • Mauritius Application Form
  • Recent passport-sized photographs
  • Bio-data pages of the applicants’ passport

Details of the course and confirmation obtained from the TEC

  •  Evidence related to financial funds
  • Medical health certificates’

After arriving in Mauritius,

  • Must enroll with both the administrative and academic departments of the institution where you are going to be studying.
  • Should apply to NTA for obtaining the benefit of free transport.

Whom should I contact to process my Mauritius Study Visa?

To know more about the visa or to get a complete information guide on Mauritius Study visa, contact the visa consultants of CanAuz Overseas. The expert visa consultants will help you experience the best services.

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