Study Visa - UK / United Kingdom

Planning to study in the UK? Then, to begin with, it is important to verify the eligibility and how the application is processed. The UK visas and immigration manages the requirements and general immigration criteria. The information provided by them helps to navigate and determine how the UK student visa is processed.

Before processing for the application, the most important requirement is to check whether the application is needed or not. There is certain criteria the country follows according to the candidate’s origin. Hence, before planning for obtaining the visa, it is suggested for the candidates to check whether the visa is needed or not.

Tier 4 (General) student visa:

  • The visa is related to the students who are over 16 years and have an offer placed for a course in the UK education educational institution
  • In order to apply for the visa, it is important to start three months before the commencement of the course
  • Should arrive in the UK in a week before if the course is for six months; and a month before if the course is for six months

Tier Sponsor License:

  • The visa is issued to the candidates who have received an offer in a course at a UK educational institution with a Tier 4 sponsor visa
  • To apply for the visa, it is required to start before three months from the commencement of the course
  • Should arrive in the UK within a month before if the course is for more than six months

Tier 4 Child Student Visa:

  • The visa is for students who are aged between 4-17 years and have an offered from a UK educational institution with a valid Tier 4 Sponsor
  • IN order to apply for the visa, the student has to apply before three months of the course starts
  • Should arrive in the UK in a week before if the course of for six months or less; and if the course is more than six months, then it is required to enter before a month

Short-term Study Visa:

  • The visa is issued for students who have received an offer for short-term course in the UK, i.e. for language course or training course
  • In order to apply for the visa, it is essential to apply before three months from the date of travel to the UK
  • Should arrive in the UK based on the nominated travel dates

The documents required while applying for the Tier 4 visa are:

  • The candidate’s valid passport and travel documents
  • Financial funds that are required to support your living expenses, confirmation of Acceptance for studies (CAS), documents that are needed for achieving the CAS
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • Health reports after screening Tuberculosis
  • Eligibility assessment documents
  • Identity proofs
  • If planning to go with dependents, need to provide the required documents to support their travel and relation

If any of the documents are not in English, need to translate the documents and include the translator’s name, signature and confirmation of the original document.

When applying for the visa, the course provider will help the student to apply for a UK Student visa. The visa has to be applied for at least three months before from the commencement of the course. Check the visa processing times of the country and be sure to apply as per the processing times mentioned by the respective countries.

The UK Student visa is provided based on points-based scale, and in addition to this, it is essential to meet the student visa requirements such as:

  • Passport details
  • Recent passport photos
  • English Language skills test results. This may not be a requirement if you are from an English-speaking country
  • If you are a non-EEA/Swiss/EU student who is studying in a sensitive subject, then you are required to provide a ATAS certificate
  • Proofs for your financial support

While studying in the UK, the students of EEA, Swiss, and EU can work in the country. Also, the students who obtain public funds for higher education institution on the Tier 4 Student visa can work up to 20 hours in a week during term-time and full-time during the events of Easter and Christmas breaks.

The fee requirements are per the present Tier 4 (General) Student visa is approximately £348 (~US$440).  Also, there will be an additional fee for £348 per person of any dependent. In addition to this, there will be a healthcare surcharge of £150 per year (~ US$190) – this will help to get access for National Health Service (NHS). And, for the short-term study visa, the cost is £97 (~US$120) for 6 months period and £186 (~US$240) for the 11 month visa.

To know more about the eligibility requirements, and information on the UK student visa, feel free to speak to our visa experts.