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Are you interested to study in United States? Then, you are in need of obtaining the US student visa. Yes, the student visa helps you to live, and study in the country. Also, the visa helps the foreign students to work part-time or full-time based on the eligibility.

What are the three types of US Student Visas?

The government of United States offers three types of student visas, there are:

  • F Student Visa: The visa type helps to study at a US college or university that is accredited to the US system. It is required for the students study at an English language institute. The candidates applying for this visa program require over 18 hours of study in a week to obtain the F1 visa. The visa type mainly includes for graduate and post-graduate programs. The applicants spouse or dependent children can accompany them by applying for F2 visa. Spouse and dependents are not allowed to work until they obtain their own visa to work and study in US.
  • J Exchange Visa: The program is mainly for the students who visit US for attending scholars or lecturers in an exchange program. Scholars and students planning to study on short-term abroad program from Indian universities can travel to the country on J1 visa. It is referred to the candidates who move to America on an exchange program, and that is the reason the visa is known as Exchange Visitor Visa. Spouse and children who accompany with the J1 visa applicants can travel to the US on a J2 visa.
  • M Student Visa: The visa type is issued for candidates who move to America for a vocation study or to get trained in the United States. The process of M1 and F1 visa is much similar but the difference is that, M1 visa provided for a certain time period. Students cannot overstay more than the provided time.

Can students work in US on a student visa?

While studying in the first-year, the students cannot accept any of the off-campus employment. With the visa, the students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours in a week. While in holidays and breaks, the students are allowed to work for up to 40 hours in a week. The students can work in a commercial industries that provide services for the college.

What are the documents required for F1 Student visa application?

While applying for the student’s visa, it is important for the candidates to provide the required documents. The list may be more than the documents required for a tourist visa. The mandatory documents a student should carry along are the academic and financial documents. However, find the below listed documents for your reference:

  • Valid passport which is having at least six months validity.
  • A copy of the DS-160 online application form
  • Original and photocopy of the interview appointment letter
  • Form I-20 as sent by the college
  • Visa fee payment receipts
  • At least three years bank statements
  • Provisional and original mark sheets and certificates
  • Mark sheets of the TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, exams

What are the steps to apply for US Student Visa (F1 Visa)?

The steps to apply for the Student visa are:

  • Need to obtain the FormI-20 from a college to start the process of the application. Also, pay the SEVIS I-901 fee before planning to apply for the visa application
  • Once the SEVIS fee is paid, need to get the receipt and apply for the DS-visa form which is an online application process.
  • Get printed copy of the confirmation page of the application so that it can bought for the interview.
  • Make a visa fee payment through NEFT or through a valid credit or debit card
  • Schedule a biometric and interview appointment
  • Obtain your biometric appointment and appear for an in-person interview and get your fingerprints scanned
  • During the personal interview, need to answer for every question asked by the interviewer and declare your purpose of visit, intention to return back. If you become successful to convince the interviewer, then you will get your visa stamped for US Student Visa

Where should I check my eligibility for US Student Visa?

United States is prominent for experiencing changing rules and conditions. Therefore, before planning to move America through any of the visa type, it is very much important to understand about the visa application that is being applied. If you are planning to move to America to study in the country, then you need to apply for the right visa type based on your eligibility.

Planning the visa process with own decisions may reflect failure in the application.  Hence, it is essential to have support from experienced consultants to process the application. For achieving the best results in your visa process, contact to the visa consultants of CanAuz Overseas.

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