Overview of Subclass 190 visa

Are you the skilled profession, who believes in the power of own skills? Then, subclass 190 visa is the perfect visa for you. The Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190 visa) is a permanent residency visa, where the interested candidate should have an occupation that is in-demand of Australia’s labour market. 

The visa is a pathway to get settled in the country as a permanent resident. The eligible candidates can avail the best benefits to live, work and settle in the country.

Age: You must be below the age group of 45 years to be eligible to apply for the visa  

Language Proficiency: It is essential to meet the language requirements as set by the Visa Nomination Occupation lists. To prove proficiency in English, it is important for you to go for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Though, scoring at least six in each band is an eligibility, the requirement can be increased based on the occupation that is being applied. There are even alternative language tests which are equivalent to IELTS, they are: OET, iBT, TOEFL, CAE and PTE.

Financial Funds: When applying for the subclass visa, it is important that the candidate has enough financial funds for the primary applicant and family members if they are accompanying. Having the required funds help to support their living in the country.

Nomination: To apply for this subclass 190 visa, it is mandatory for the applicant to obtain a nomination obtained from an Australian state or territory government agency. 

Skills assessment: Before planning to apply for the visa, it is must for the candidate to get their skills assessed by the designated authority. It is must to score a minimum of 65 points on the point’s grid.

Health assessment: It is essential for the candidate to screen a health check-up and provide the documents that prove the candidate as healthy to travel.

Character assessment – It is must for the candidate to get character assessment and declare as a good character without any criminal records to the immigration authorities for the visa process. 

Nominated occupation: While applying for the visa, it is crucial to verify whether the skills and qualification are matching the Australia’s Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List or not.



Maximum Points


25 Points

English Language Proficiency

20 Points

Skilled Employment

20 Points

Skilled Employment in Overseas

15 Points

Educational Qualifications

20 Points

Australian Study Requirements

5 Points

Study in Regional Australia

5 Points

Partner Skill Qualifications

5 Points

Professional Year in Australia

5 Points

Nomination by State or Territory Government (visa subclass 190 only)

10 Points

Step 1: Verify whether your occupation is listed in the country’s skilled occupation list. Also, should get skills assessment and score a minimum of 65 points under the Australia PR points calculator.

Step 2: Submit your Expression of Interest for Australia PR by lodging application in the Skillselect.

Step 3: After submitting your application with required information, you need to wait for obtaining an Invitation to apply for the subclass 190 visa.

Step 4: Once you have obtained your Invitation to apply for the visa, you will be provided with 60 days to submit the application with the required documents. 

Step 5: Get your all required documents along with the character and medical documents.

The benefits that can be achieved with the permanent residency status obtained with the subclass 190 visa are:

  • Live, work and study indefinitely in the country
  • Eligible for subsidized health care facilities
  • Can study in Australia as full-time at any learning institute, i.e. school, post-graduate, and graduate, etc.
  • Can avail social security benefits
  • Eligible to apply for citizenship after spending a few required years
  • Can sponsor family members for Australia PR

The visa is permanent residence visa and to apply for the visa, the fee requirements that have to be paid are AUD 4,045. 

The processing time for the visa varies based on the profile eligibility. On an average 75% applications get processed within 8 months; and about 90% of the applications get their application processed in 10 months.

To verify your eligibility and lodge your application for subclass 190 visa, the most important requirement is to check your eligibility and verify your occupation is listed in the in-demand list or not. And, to process this, the best way is to contact a visa expert.

The visa consultant will be your best guide to help from initial to the final stage of the process. For an in-detail information on the visa, contact the immigration consultants of CanAuz Overseas. You can fill the enquiry form or call to 8688316151/60.