Top 3 Ways to Increase your Canada CRS Score

Is your profile in Express Entry Pool unable to succeed in obtaining an ITA? An Invitation to Apply or the ITA helps you to live and settle in Canada as a permanent resident. However, to obtain the ITA faster, it is essential for a skilled candidate to maintain a good Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The higher the CRS score, the easier it becomes for a professional to obtain an ITA from the Express Entry draws.

So, to maintain a good CRS score and achieve an ITA faster, it is suggested to increase the profile score by following certain ways. Let us now discuss a few ways that help you to improve your total CRS score.

What is CRS Score?

The Comprehensive Ranking System or the CRS is the criteria that are used by the Express Entry System to find the skilled profiles that can meet the Canada labour market. The points are based on the candidate’s core human factors, spouse eligibility factors, and adaptability factors.

Core Human Factors + Spouse Factors + Skills Transferability Factors + Additional Points = Maximum 1200 Points.

What are the 3 ways to increase Canada CRS Score? 

  1. Achieve a Canadian Employment: Having a Canadian Job Opportunity is not a mandatory requirement to obtain a Canadian PR visa, but having Canadian employment will help to increase the profile score. This helps to obtain a score of up to 200 additional points. Also, this will help to live and settle in Canada without any hassles.
  2. Obtain a Provincial Nomination: To improve your total score, another good way to improve the score is by applying for a provincial nominee program. Profiles having the best skills to meet the province requirements can obtain a provincial nomination. A nomination grants to an additional score of 600 points towards the CRS score and increase the scope for obtaining an ITA faster through Express Entry draws.
  3. Increase your Language Proficiency: If you are not having good language proficiency, then you need to attempt an IELTS test to increase your English proficiency. And, if you have your spouse accompanying, then obtaining an IELTS score for your spouse/common-in-law partner will also be an advantage to increase the score.

Proving French language proficiency will also help to increase the total CRS score.

How to apply for Canada PR?

Canada is a dream to live and settle for many people across the globe. If you are also one of them planning to migrate to Canada in 2020, then plan your Canada immigration now. Check your eligibility and improve your CRS score to get selected in the upcoming Express Entry draws.

The above-mentioned are the best tips for you to increase your eligibility if you are unable to meet obtain ITA. However, there are even other ways that help for a skilled professional to increase the eligibility score. To know more, the best way is to connect to an immigration consultant at CanAuz Overseas. The experienced visa consultants will help you from the initial to the final stage of your process.