Visitor Visa / Tourist Visa

A visit visa is a temporary resident (short-term) permit granted to candidates who intend to visit a foreign country either for a purpose of tour, relative visit, business trip or a medical tour. The duration of the visa generally depends upon how long the candidate intends to live in the selected country, without depending upon the Government for any funds etc. 

Visit visa application rules differ from country to country. To understand the requirements of a visit visa based upon the country you are planning to visit, it is recommended to speak to our representative in Hyderabad.

Visit Visa for all countries

A tourist visa allows someone to visit Australia or Canada for a holiday, cruise, or to visit family and friends and allow a stay of up to three, six, or twelve months in length. The tourist visa can also be used for short non-work purposes. Any valid passport holders outside of Australia & Canada are welcome to apply for a visa to visit.

You can only use this visa as a tourist, and it is not valid for business purposes or medical treatment. You must intend to visit Australia or Canada only, have enough money for the duration of your stay, and not perform any work while in Australia & Canada.