Overview of Australian Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189 visa

Are you planning to live in the Australian land with a skilled employment? Then, why don’t you prefer moving to Australia with the subclass 189 visa? The visa is a gateway for Australian permanent residency. 

The subclass 189 visa or the Australian Independent visa is points-based visa which is entitled for skilled workers who do not have any sponsorship obtained from a state or territory, or from an employer, or a family member. The visa benefits the candidate to live and work permanently in the country. Also, the visa allows the candidate to sponsor their family members.

The subclass 189 visa is a permanent visa that makes any candidate to live in Australia for indefinite period with full employment rights.

The visa has arrived as a replace of two visa types – offshore Skilled Independent Subclass 175 visa and onshore Subclass 885 visa in 2012-2013. 

To process the Subclass 189 visa application, the first important step is to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Skillselect. However, to process these stage, it is crucial to meet the below-mentioned eligibility requirements.

  • Should be under the age of 45 years
  • Need to have a nomination obtained that is relevant Skilled Occupation List (SOL)
  • Should have skills assessed by relevant authorities
  • Need to have competent level language skills in English
  • Must score a minimum of 65 points on Australia points system
  • Should meet the character and health requirements as needed by the Australian embassy

The steps to apply for Australian subclass 189 visa are:

Step 1: Check whether your occupation is listed in the Skilled Occupation Lists or not. If you do not have your occupation listed in the list, then you are not eligible to apply for the visa.

Step 2: Meet the eligibility requirements as set by the Australian Immigration Department

Step 3: Get your skills assessed. It is required to get your skills assessed to verify whether your education matches to the required Australian standards.

Step 4: Submit an Expression of Interest. This step is fulfilled through SkillSelect. SkillSelect will take your details related to background skills, work experience, education, etc. 

Step 5: Wait for Invitation to apply. The Australian immigration government conducts frequent invitation draws, and if you have the required eligibility, then you will be fortunate to obtain your invitation to apply for subclass 189 visa. 

Step 6: Apply for the visa. Once you get your invitation, you should process your application within 60 days by submitting the required documents and fulfilling the requirements.

Step 7: Medical and Character Documents. For processing your subclass 189 application, it is important for you to get your medical and character documents. These have a major importance to obtain your visa grant.

Step 8: Migrate to Australia with a Visa Grant. If you have met the required eligibility and submitted the required documents, then you will receive your visa faster.

The benefits that are obtained by migrating to Australia with a subclass 189 visa are:

  • Can live and work permanently in Australia
  • Eligible to study in any university of Australia
  • Can get enrolled in Medicare – Medicare is a health-related scheme organized by Australia 
  • Eligible for several social security benefits
  • Can apply for Australian Citizenship
  • Eligible to sponsor family members for permanent residency

The documents that are required to process Subclass 189 visa are:

  • Duly filled 189 visa application form
  • Your identity proof
  • Skilled Assessment Report
  • English Language Proficiency Test results
  • Your skilled employment documents
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Documents that prove your educational background
  • If having educational background from Australia, need to submit the required documents
  • If having work experience from Australia, need to submit the required documents
  • If having your spouse accompanying, need to have their documents related to education, skills, proficiency attached to the application
  • Should prove the relationship status
  • Get your health and character assessed; and provide the required certificates
  • Other documents as requested by the immigration authorities

The processing time of the application can vary depending on the profile excellence. If you have a good profile, then you will have good chances of getting an invitation faster. And, if you are failing to obtain the visa faster, then there are chances that you may have processed the application in a wrong way or failed to meet the required eligibility.

However, to make your application processed faster by meeting the every requirement, then you should contact an immigration consultant for help.