Europe - Schengen Visitor / Tourist Visa

Are you planning for a trip around European countries? Then, get your luggage packed and start planning your trip by applying for the Schengen visa. Yes, the Schengen visa helps to cover tourism across most of the European regions. Also, it is the visa type that is largest free visa travel in the world.

What is Schengen Visa?

The Schengen visa helps a non-citizen of the European countries to enter the Schengen area and allows to stay for a maximum period of 90 days on the purpose of either business or tourism.

It is one of the most common visa type of the European regions. The visa holder is allowed to enter and leave the Schengen area from any of the country.

If you are intending you visit the European regions for short-term period, then you need to take the required visa type based on your purpose.

Business Visa: It allows to an individual to visit the area on business purposes

Tourism and Holiday Visa: It helps the non-citizens to visit and explore beauty across the country

Visit Visa for Friends/Relatives: It helps the individuals to meet or visit their friends and relatives

Official Visa: It is issued if the candidate is planning to visit the country on official works

Medical Reasons: It helps the candidates to visit the European country for medical treatments

Cultural and Sports Visa: It helps the candidate to visit the country if they need to attend a sports or cultural event

Short-term visa or Research Visa: It is issued if the applicant has to visit the country for participating in a research program.

The documents that are requried while processing the Schengen visa process are:

  • Duly filled visa application form
  • Recent passport sized photographs
  • Valid Passport
  • Travel Health insurance
  • Proof of financials
  • If having sponsorship, need to submit the required documents
  • If employed, need to submit the evidence letters proving the employment status
  • Travel Itinerary, etc

For more details, it is good to contact to the visa consultants.

In order to apply for the Schengen visa, it is essential to follow the below steps:

  • Need to qualify for the Tourist Schengen Visa
  • Cross-check whether your nationality requires you to apply for the visa or not
  • Find the best time to apply for the tourist visa application
  • Segregate the required documents for applying the Tourist Schengen visa
  • Schedule an appointment at the embassy of the destination country
  • Need to attend the visa interview
  • Should wait for obtaining the response on visa application

The visa is commonly issued to stay not more than 90 days. However, it can even depend on your visa application. To obtain a clear understanding on the visa application, the best way is to contact the immigration consultants. You can speak to the visa experts of CanAuz Overseas for obtaining the complete details on Schengen visa.