Visit Visa - CANADA

Planning to visit a beautiful place to get mesmerized during a holiday? Then why don’t you plan to visit Canada. Canada is one of the world’s top destination that receives over millions of tourists in a year. Also, because of its top career opportunities and health services, the country seeks more than thousands of people coming to the country across the world for availing the global health services and for attending the global meets. Since these remain for short-period of time, the non-citizens of the country require a visa that allows them to live and complete the purpose of visit.

Canada Visit visa is the visa type that is required for moving to country on a temporary basis. Yearly, millions of tourists and visitors come to Canada on various purposes. The visa which is granted for a six months period can be of single entry or multiple entry. The visa type is has certain conditions and the people flying to Canada through this visa type should abide the conditions to stay in the country.

The Canada visit visa or the tourist visa helps a foreign national to travel and stay in Canada for up to 6 months based on the purpose of visit. While moving to Canada with this visa, it is essential to follow certain requirements such as:

  • The visa should not be used other than for tourism or leisure
  • The visa will not allow any individual to work or apply for any work
  • The visa grants permission to take dependents and children
  • To obtain the visa, it is important to apply at least a month before

The documents that are essential for processing the Canada visit visa are:

  • A valid passport which is having at least 6 months validity
  • Copy of first and last page of the passport
  • The visa application which is duly filled and signed
  • Recent passport sized photographs
  • Cover letter that declares the purpose and duration of stay
  • Non-objected certificate provided by the employer
  • If having any invitation obtained, need to submit the invitation letter that states the relationship with the applicant
  • Documents that relate and support your financials funds
  • Should prove that the applicant is not having the intention to stay or work in the country
  • Must not have any criminal background and meet the requirements of the Canadian laws
  • Based on the place traveling from and the eligibility requirements, you may require more entry requirements

Business Visa: A business visa is the type of visa type that help a visitor or a foreign national visit Canada on a business purpose. The visa is valid for 6 months.

Tourist Visa: A Canada tourist visa is provided for travellers who travel to Canada on tourism or leisure purpose.

Work Visa: The visa type is provided for the people who travel to Canada to work on a temporary basis.

Study Visa: The visa type is issued for candidates who plan to visit Canada on the purpose of education

The fee requirements which a visitor has fulfil for Canada Visit Visa:

  • Visitor Visa: For multiple and single entry visa excluding extensions: CAD 100
  • Visitor Visa (family): The maximum fee for the family: CAD 500
  • CAD 75 for Visitor record including extensions

Before planning for the visa, it is important for a foreign national to verify whether the candidate requires a visa or ETA required. However, the requirements is based on the below conditions:

  • Travel documents you are planning to travel with
  • The country issuing the travel documents for the applicant
  • Nationality of the applicant
  • The traveling plan of the applicant to Canada

In order to know how the Canada visit visa application can be lodged, it is essential for the applicant to contact an experienced immigration consultancy. By contacting to the expert immigration consultants of CanAuz Overseas, it becomes simpler for you to get the best support from the initial to the final stage of the visa process.