USA - Visit / Tourist Visa for US

Is the United States is one of your dream destination to visit? Then, here comes the US Visit Visa that helps a foreign national to explore US. There are different types of visit visas, and you need to choose the visa type based on your purpose. The non-immigrant visas issued for foreign nationals are temporary based and the types are:

Business 1 Visa (B1 Visa): This visa type is issued if the candidate is planning to visit the US for the below reasons:

  • To consult business consultants
  • For attending a scientific, professional, or business convention
  • To settle an estate matter, etc.

Business 2 Visa (B2 Visa): This visa type is issued for the candidates if they are moving to US on below mentioned reasons:

  • For a vacation
  • Tourism purpose
  • For a medical treatment
  • To visit friends and family
  • For participating in social events
  • If enrolled in a recreational study course, etc.

Both Purposes (B1/B2): This visa type can be issued by combining both B1 and B2 visa. For obtaining the visa grant, it is essential to state that you are intended to stay in the US for a limited period and will be returning to the home country after completion of the temporary period. There are a few restrictions which have to be accepted to stay in the country on temporary basis, the restrictions include:

  • Employment
  • Study
  • Paid Performances
  • Working as a foreign press member in films, radio, journalism, etc.
  • Applying for permanent residence in the country, etc.

The steps followed for applying the US visit visa can change from consulate to consulate. However, the main steps that are included for achieving the visa are:

  • Need to Complete Form DS-160 online non-immigrant visa application
  • Should schedule an interview and wait for receiving the appointment date and time
  • Need to get prepared for the visa interview
  • Required to gather the needful documents
  • Attend the visa interview and get your visa approve
  • Need to enter US after the visa is approved

The documents that are essential while applying for the visa are:

  • Valid passport
  • Non-immigrant visa application – DS-160 Application
  • Fee receipt of the visa application
  • Recent passport photos and more.

In the benefit of the tourists and business travellers, the country has introduced the Visa Waiver program that is eligible for people coming from the determined 38 countries. In this scenario, there is no need to get the visa for participating in a business meet or vacation, a travel authorization is needed prior to the commencement of the trip.

You can process the United States visit visa by approaching any immigration consultancy. However, to experience success in the visa process, it is important that you choose the top immigration consultancy. CanAuz Overseas is well-experienced to help you thoroughly during the United States’ visa application process.