Australia Visitor / Tourist Visa

Are you interested to visit the Australian land and explore the beauty, then you are in need of the Australian visit visa or Subclass 600 visa. The visa is issued to candidates or families or business persons to enter the travel and explore the beauty around the nation. There are different types of visas issued based on the visa purpose:

  • Business Visitor Visa: This visa type is issued for the business persons who plan to visit the country on the purpose of business, for attending events, etc. And, this visa has to be applied from outside of the country.
  • Tourist Visitor visa: This visa type is valid for the people who are planning to visit the nation on the purpose of leisure and recreation. This visa can be applied from within or outside of the nation.
  • Sponsored Family visitor visa: The visa type is issued for the family members who are staying outside of the country and are sponsored by an Australian citizen or family member to visit the nation.

What can I do with the Subclass 600 visa type?

There a few restrictions that have to be followed while planning for the Australian visit visa:

  • Not allowed to work
  • You are permitted to travel and stay across the country
  • The visa is generally for a period of 3 months to an year

What are the needful documents for Australia visit visa?

The documents essential for processing the Australian Tourist visa are:

• Should show required financial funds to support the stay
• Valid passport
• Travel insurance
• Confirmed air tickets
• Need to meet the health standards
• Should not have any criminal record
• Invitation letter from the sponsor
• Proofs supporting the financial funds
• Bank statements of at least 6 months period

How to apply for Australia Visit visa?

The steps to be followed while applying for Australia visit visa are:

  • Before applying for the visa, check the passport validity and plan for the health check-ups
  • Gather the required documents so that these support as for identity, prove the purpose of the visit, etc.
  • Apply for the visa online by providing accurate information
  • Wait for obtaining the update from the visa officials on your visa request
  • Receive the update with visa grant number, visa conditions, and date on the visa validity
  • Take a copy of the visa approval while travelling to the country

What is the validity of the Subclass 600 visa?

Generally, the visa is granted for a period of up to 12 months. This can change based on the visa purpose. Therefore, for a clear information on the visa, it is advised to contact to an immigration consultant. Our expert visa consultants will help to guide from the initial to the final stage of the visa process.

For more information on the Australia subclass 600 visa type, you can feel free to contact the visa experts of CanAuz Overseas. Drop a message to and the visa consultants will be soon in touch to answer your queries.

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