What are the Canada PR requirements for Indian citizens in 2020?

Canada Immigration - Requirements for Indians

Cornavirus may have put your Canada immigration dream on hold for a while but you can keep your dream alive as there will be endless opportunity as soon as the pandemic ends. Be ready to pull your socks to live your dream as the year 2020 has been knocking your door with endless opportunities.

What is Permanent Resident Visa?

Before you apply for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa you must have clear understanding of the status that gives you similar privileges as of Canadian citizens except right to vote. Permanent Residents are allowed to live and work in the country indefinitely. They are given a PR card that they have to always carry with them. It comes with loads of benefits such as health care benefits, free education for children, unemployment benefits and free insurance.

What are the Canada PR requirements for Indian citizens in 2020?

At first you may find these requirements stringent but the more you explore the better understanding you have. To apply for Canada PR visa applicants must fulfill following requirements:-

  • Valid passport with atleast six months validity
  • Minimum settlement funds in terms of bank deposit, PPF, EPF and Fixed Deposit with the minimum amount of 8 lakhs for single applicant and additional 10 -12 lakhs for self and spouse/common law partner
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from Canadian Assessment Authorities such as WES or IQAS
  • Health and Police Clearance Certification
  • Language Proficiency Test for English language from IELTS or CELPIP and for French from TEF.
  • Visa fees
  • Other documents as per required by the Canadian Govt

What is the eligibility criteria?

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) analyze the profile and PR visa application on the basis of six primary factors. Points are given and on the basis of final points it will be decided if you are eligible for PR visa or not:-

Language skills (highest 28 points):- You are expected to be fluent in either one of the two official languages i.e. English or French. Fluency in both is an added advantage and will get you extra points.

Qualification (highest 25 points):– you have to submit Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from an authorized authority exhibiting that your overseas qualification is comparable to a completed certificate, diploma or degree gained from a secondary (high school) or post-secondary school of the Maple Leaf Country.

Work Experience (highest 15 points):- you are given points on the basis of the number of years full time work experience in relevant filed (not less than 30 hours every week, or an equal volume of part-time 15 hours every week for a period of two years) at skill type 0, or skill levels A or B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Your experience will be considered for both inside Canada and overseas while you were pursing education or were self employed.

Age (not more than 12 points):- young applicants are encouraged the most hence preference is given to those applicants between 18 to 35 years.

Prior job offer in Canada (maximum 10 points):- you will get points if you have a prior job offer of not less than 1 year from a Canadian employer. To earn points its mandatory that you must get a job offer before you apply.

Adaptability (not more than 10 points):- you are likely to get some extra points for your spouse or common law partner for specific skills such as language proficiency and also studies persuaded in Canada by them.

Criminal admissibility may threaten your Canada PR possibilities

The dreams of highly qualified professional’s aspirants may die premature death if IRCC declares them to be criminally inadmissible to the Land of Opportunities. In such cases academic record or professional achievements are completely ignored. In case, on the record if you have something that may prohibit you from entering Canada then you will require to take right steps to sought out the dicey situation and make the right state of affairs.

Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is the clear outcome of excellent education background, experience, and accomplishments in the professional filed that have taken loads of efforts and expenses to attain it. There is no short cut to success its only hard work and dedication that can help you live your Canada PR dreams.

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