Which Country is Best to Immigrate in 2020 – Canada or Australia

Best Country for Immigration - Canada or Australia

If you are thinking of immigration in 2020 then possibly you might be confuse between the two popular countries Canada or Australia. To choose between the two popular immigration destinations is not an easy task. Both the countries are the best developed countries in the world, need immigrants, social and economic benefits are at par with each other, offer excellent benefits, has well developed infrastructure, standard of living is high, and job opportunities are endless.

When it comes to making a choice which country is best to immigrate in 2020 – Canada or Australia its tough to make a final call. Both the countries are hot immigration destinations and welcome immigrants with wide open arms. Well, when you make a final choice numbers of parameters are taken into consideration some of them are as follow:

Immigration system: – both the countries have electronic point based immigration system i.e. Skillselect and Express Entry. However, experts believe Express Entry system is quite simple and easy to clear. It is also said that the Express Entry system is inspired by the Skillselect. The major difference between the two immigration systems is that Oz skill assessment is accepted across all its states and territories where as the Maple Leaf Country ask for education assessment accepted by few provinces only.

Rights and social benefits: – once you have acquired Canada PR visa you are instantly entitle to enjoy all the rights and social benefits at par with its citizens where as in Oz you might have to wait for atleast two years before you enjoy the same.

Cost of living: –it is believe the Maple Leaf Country is quite affordable. It’s easy to find an affordable accommodation here where as the Land of Kangaroos has three of the ten expensive cities in the world. Finding an affordable accommodation is itself a daunting task.

Job opportunities:- in both the countries there is no dearth of job opportunities. Infact both the countries have a long list of in-demand occupations.

Comfortable lifestyle:- well both the countries are highly developed and are considered perfect to live and work. On the one hand the Maple Leaf Country is known as the safest place to live and work and on the other hand Down under is world popular for its fast lifestyle.

World class education and health care system:- both the countries are at par with each other when it comes to education and providing health care facilities to its people. Some of the best universities are in these two countries. Every now and then both the countries have been appreciated for their excellent health care system. Health services are provided either free of cost or subsidized rate.

Mixed communities:- due to high immigration rate both the countries have mixed communities. Often, the economic and social development has been credited to large number of immigrants settled since decades across these two countries. Whereas some reports and experts say that it is the Maple Leaf Country that is more tolerant and safe for immigrants.

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