Why Mauritius is becoming a favorite for international students?

Mauritius or the Republic of Mauritius is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometers and off the southeast coast of the African continent. It has a very beautiful environment around with a mild tropical maritime climate entire the year. With the outstanding two seasons in the country, i.e. a warm summer from November to April, and q cold dry winter from June to September, the country provides an amazing experience to live and work for any individual. Every many people across the globe visit the nation in thousands. However, people visiting the country are not alone to oversee beauty. Many students arrive in the country from various lands to begin their successful careers.

Reasons for choosing Mauritius for Studying include:

  • The cost of living is affordable. It is having lesser cost requirements. With a limited amount such as US $275, a student can fulfill the requirement for accommodation, healthcare, transport charges, etc.
  • Fewer tuition fees for students with high standard education.
  • A range of opportunities to work part-time in the country.
  • Students can get access to free public transport.
  • With an expressive record, Mauritius is an expert in its economic growth
  • It has a worldwide reputation as the most business-friendly country across Africa with its impressive national strategies to attract foreign clients and investors.
  • The country is a multi-lingual nation. People from here speak French, English, and Creole.
  • The place is a blend of cultures from Asia, Europe, and Africa. It promotes a range of diverse and cosmopolitan environment for the students.
  • With a unique living style, the country is a top choice for tourism and education.
  • Ensures to provide easier ways for obtaining a Study visa.

What is the Mauritius Study visa?

A Mauritius Study visa is a permit that is issued for eligible non-citizens to live and stay in the country for obtaining an education at a higher level. Students can study either full-time or part-time in an educational institute that is registered with a Tertiary Education Commission, or in a Technical and Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) institution registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority.

However, to become successful to study in Mauritius, it is important for a non-citizen to first secure a seat in a tertiary educational institution or TVET institution registered respectively with Tertiary Education Commission or the Mauritius Qualification Authority. Then only, the interested candidate will be able to process the application further for the process.

Am I eligible for Mauritius Study Visa?

A non-citizen who is enrolled in one or more programs that are provided from a recognized tertiary educational institution or TVET institution is eligible to study in Mauritius. They need to get enrolled in a full-time educational course for one or two semesters for achieving a certificate or a diploma. Also, education should be for a minimum period of one academic year.

The eligibility requirements for Mauritius Study visa are as below:

  • A non-citizen of the country enrolled in a tertiary education institute by following the requirements for the full-time or part-time course (under-graduate level)
  • A non-citizen who is enrolled to a recognized tertiary educational institution for a part-time or full-time course at postgraduate level
  • A non-citizen who studying on post-Doctoral research.
  • A non-citizen who has arrived at the nation on an exchange program that is not less than a year with a recognized tertiary educational institute.

What are the documents I need to provide for Mauritius Study Visa?

The documents that are essential while processing the Mauritius Study visa are:
  • Application Form that is duly filled and signed to enter Mauritius
  • Two photographs that are recently taken up by the applicant
  • Photocopy of the Biodata pages from the passport
  • Letter of Admission obtained from a recognized educational establishment or TVET institution
  • Letters that declare duration of the course and confirming that you are accepted by the Tertiary Education Commission or Mauritius Qualifications Authority for full-time or part-time
  • Documents that prove you have enough funds/financial support to meet live, work and study in the country 
  • A medical proof that you are perfectly good and are not suffering from any HIV, Hepatitis B, and a chest X-ray related issues. However, proofs have to be submitted to get validated by the immigration nations.

Will CanAuz Overseas be my help for Mauritius Study Visa?

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