Will my profile get selected in Canada Express Draws 2020?

Canada is explicitly searching for skilled candidates to fulfil their skilled labour requirements. For this, the immigration government is performing a good number of express draws in order to find the skilled labour. Express Entry is an electronic platform where most of the applications for Canada immigration are lodged. To apply for Canada immigration through Express Entry, it is mandatory for the skilled candidates to meet the eligibility requirements and have a good Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

The higher CRS score you have, the easier it will be to obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Express Entry draws conducted by the IRCC. Hence, meeting the eligibility requirements with a good CRS score is an important aspect to get selected in Canada Express Draws 2020.

What is the eligibility requirement for Canada Express Entry?

To be eligible for applying Canada Express Entry, it is essential to score a minimum 67 points for eligibility. Further these points will be calculated for CRS on Canada PR Points Calculator. Below are the maximum points you can obtain under the CRS calculator.

  1. Core Human Factors
FactorsPoints if spouse is accompanyingPoints if spouse is not accompanying
Language Proficiency150160
Canada Work Experience7080
  1. Spouse Factors
Spouse FactorsPoints  (Max 40 points)
Level of Education10
Language Proficiency20
Canadian work experience10
  1. Core Human Factors + (B) Spouse Factors = Maximum 500 Points
  2. Skills Transferability
EducationPoints per factor (Max 50 points)
Strong language skills + a post-secondary degree50
Canadian work experience + post-secondary degree50
Foreign work experiencePoints per factor (Max 50 points)
Strong language skills + foreign work experience50
Canadian work experience + foreign work experience50
Certificate of qualificationPoints per factor (Max 50 points)
Strong language proficiency +a certificate of qualification50

(A) Core Capital Factors + (B) Spouse or Common-law partner + (C) Transferability Factors = Maximum 600 points

  1. Additional Points
FactorMax Points per factor
Blood relation living in Canada 15
French language skills30
Arranged employment200
Post-secondary education in Canada30
Provincial Nomination600

(A) Core Capital Factors + (B) Spouse or Common-law partner + (C) Transferability Factors + (D) Additional Points = Maximum 1200 points

What is the trending CRS score for Canada immigration?

Canada Express Entry is ranging the CRS score from 400 – 460. Hence, it is essential for the profiles to maintain at least a CRS from 400-450 to get an invitation for Canada. If you are planning to migrate to Canada in 2020, then you can try for obtaining a nomination from any provincial nominee program. This will help you to increase your CRS score and obtain an ITA faster.Get your eligibility for provincial nominee program by contacting the Canada visa consultants of CanAuz Overseas. Call @ 8688316151.